Why work for us?

Attracting good people, and keeping them, is essential to Plymouth's mission. Our vitality depends on the quality of our staff. We have to make sure that we attract talented, qualified individuals and provide them with opportunities at Plymouth.

Individually, employees are given the opportunity to make a difference. Collectively, our employees all work together to make a difference on an individual and community level.

Why work for Plymouth?

Theresa Hohman: “I’m so deeply filled with gratitude for what I do every day.  Gratitude is part of the atmosphere at Plymouth. We are living in that gratitude all the time.  What we do enables people to have that movement forward in their lives. Plymouth’s staff and board are incredible. It blows my mind every day that this is my life.”

Jeff Buchan:  “Our energy is a resource. If there was internal strife in the organization, it would take energy away from the work. When organizations are dysfunctional, it takes energy away. But here, even when we’re hashing things out, my oars are not knocking against anyone else’s. We all want what’s best for our tenants. I have worked on so many teams where the energy is always expended on our own internal issues. I am incredibly grateful for the team at Plymouth. I’m not depleted by the experience of working here -- working at Plymouth is very renewing.”